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Digital Analytics

Analysing Google Location data with R

Google is happily tracking my every move, thanks to my Android Samsung phone and poor privacy setting skills. Google collects my data about my movement through their location tracker. A lot of data! In this blog I will explore the location data Google has collected about me since 2016. [Read More]
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Getting my IMDB ratings with R and Rvest

This post is part of a series of posts to analyse the digital me. Getting my IMDB ratings with R and Rvest I’m a big fan of IMDB and have been for many years. It is a fantastic website with a lot of information about movies, documentaries and tv-series. Besides fact-checking (“who was that guy playing in that one movie?”) it is also a place for me to collect all the ratings I have done on movies in the past few years. [Read More]
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Meet the digital me | Martijn van Vreeden

This is likely the most self-centered blogpost you will read today, maybe even this year. Because this post is all about me, the digital me. Just like all people these days, I leave a digital footprint. I use apps, digital services and websites to share my experiences with others, keep people posted of what I do and compare what I do with all the stuff other people do. [Read More]
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