How to add Google Tag Manager to Hugo static website

How to add Google Tag Manager to a Hugo static website In this article I will provide a step-by-step instruction and code samples on how to implement Google Tag Manager and a datalayer to your Hugo static website. As a digital analytics consultant I can appreciate the value a good Google Tag Manager (GTM) implementation can have for your business or even to optimize your user’s blog experience. Read More

How to create Google Tag Manager documentation with R

Create Google Tag Manager documentation with R Creating digital data documentation can be a painstaking, boring, but extremely useful endeavor. Knowing what digital data is available to you and others can be helpful to understand the potential of your data set, as well as provide context to analysis, reporting and other ways to leverage data. To take some of the effort out of creating documentation about the contents of your Google Tag Manager account, I have created a script that pulls data out of the environment and outputs a simple Excel file, which you can share with stakeholders. Read More

Optimizing the Youtube Shortcode for Hugo

How to optimize the Youtube Shortcode for Hugo The Youtube embed shortcode for Hugo allows you to embed Youtube videos in your Hugo pages. Which is a pretty neat feature they provide to you out-of-the-box. The shortcode allows you to add two additional parameters that can be managed from the standard settings: Unique Youtube video ID allowfullscreen (which you can set to “true”, which allows users to show the video in full screen mode) However, there are a ton of additional parameters you can include to customize your Youtube video embed. Read More