Supporting non-profit organisations

I also try to chip in for some non-profit organisations, which I support against a higly reduced rate. I provide a wider range of services to them and allow them to benefit from my network to help them achieve their mission.

Why support these ngo’s?

My work as a digital analyst has provided me with many opportunities to grow. It has provided me with business opportunities and I consider many people I have met during my carreer personal friends. The work I do is not always easy to obtain for anybody, especially organisations with limited resources that should be focused on making an impact on the mission they are trying to achieve.

It only seems logical to offer my help to organisations that are looking to make a difference in other peoples lives. My specific type of knowledge can benefit the organisation I work for and drive success for their efforts. Even a small contribution can make a difference.

Non-profit organisations I support(ed)

Over the past few years I’ve supported several NGO’s (certified CBF Dutch NGO’s).