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Calculation of this playlist
This playlist is compiled based on multiple characteristics of tracks. There are several audio features available in the Spotify API for each individual track. I have based my playlist on the following audio features:
  • Track Energy
  • Track Valence
  • Track Tempo
  • Track Danceability
Based on these audiofeatures I have sorted all the tracks in the database and narrowed down the list by each audio feature, starting with 200 tracks with the highest Track Energy, continued with a Track Valence top 150 of the 200 selected track previously selected, etc. The list is made more interesting by ensuring that each artist can only be added to the list once.
R code used to compile the playlist
head(df5 %>% arrange(desc(track_energy)),200) -> upbeat_arr
head(upbeat_arr %>% arrange(desc(track_special_valence)),150) -> upbeat_arr2
head(upbeat_arr2 %>% arrange(desc(track_tempo)),100) -> upbeat_arr3
head(upbeat_arr3 %>% arrange(desc(track_danceability)),50) -> upbeat_arr4
head(upbeat_arr4[!duplicated(upbeat_arr4$artist_id), ],25)[,1] -> upbeat_tracks1
paste(as.character(upbeat_tracks1$track_id),collapse="|",sep="") -> upbeat_tracks
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