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About this dashboard
The Spotify look-a-like page in front of you is a representation of my music interest, based on my actual Spotify use. I have developed these pages to practise my skills as an analyst and work with some new techniques to develop my skills.
Techniques used to build this page
This page and all underlying pages are build with HTML, CSS and javascript. The data is collected from the Spotify API and structured with R. The basic stats and overview pages ("browse" in the main menu) are calculated and structured in R. The graph visualisations are build using d3.js (ie "activity" in the main menu).
Interactive pages with real connectivity to Spotify
Most of the data you see is interactive. You can click on tracks, artists and playlists to check them out in your own Spotify account. You can also follow my Spotify playlists and receive updated versions of the playlists automatically. The data is updated automatically to ensure that the information you see is current.
Work in progress
This project is anything from done. Eventhough some of the pages are already working, I'll probably tweak, optimize and otherwise change a lot that you see right now. It is likely that I will add other pages in the near future.
More info?
I'll try to document some of this work and share so how-to's on my blog. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Lyrics Devices Available

Welcome to my Spotify dashboard

It may look like a normal Spotify interface, but it really is a data dashboard based on Spotify data and some R magic.

Either take the tour or close this box and explore it yourself!