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This is an overview of the top 10 most listened to artists.
Artist popularity
Artists are ranked by Spotify in their dataset from 0 to 100. 0 meaning an unpopular artist, 100 the most possibly popular artist. The artist's popularity is calculated from the popularity of all the artist's tracks. In the chart below you can see what type of artists I listened to, merged in segments of 10.
Explicit Artists
Some tracks in Spotify are labeled with an additional "explicit" notification, to notify us that these tracks include profanity or other foul-mouthness. I must admit that I sometimes enjoy a good swearing contest. These are the artists and their number of explicit tracks I listen to.
Track characteristics of favorite artist ()
I have listened to multiple songs from and all these songs have characteristics in the Spotify database. Here's an experimental radar chart to show the average values of all these characteristics. Just to get a feel of what is about.
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This shows the number of tracks I listened of my top 7 artists by week.
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This shows the number week I've listened to my top 7 artists
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